Understanding Cash Flow

Cash is an interesting aspect of our society. Too little cash is a problem that every small business faces at one point or another and properly understanding the magnitude and timing of cash inlays and outlays is truly what separates success companies from those that are defunct. Consider that many companies that go bankrupt still have profit…they simply ran out of cash. We have helped countless small business owners feel in control of their cash flow.

Lease vs. Buy

Vehicles, office space, machinery/equipment and computers are common items utilized in small businesses. The decision of buying vs. leasing can have a pervasive affect on the day-to-day operations of your company and should be carefully considered.


Understanding which product/service lines actually contribute to your bottom line is vital to your success. We need to sell more of what makes us money and less of what does not. While this may seem intuitive (and rather simple!) we have seen many business who do not follow this simple mantra as they don’t know how to allocate certain costs to their sales (i.e. office rent, management salaries, etc.). See our Profitability Analysis page for more detail.

Dealing/Negotiating with Lenders

Taking money from an institution or another private party typically results in new expectations. These expectations can take the form of banking covenants and quarterly calls to review the companies results. Having someone who speaks with similar terms as your lender can be very helpful.